super Mario 3d land review

Super Mario 3d land is a platforming game with a  few differences from other platforming games (and Mario games,) the reason is because it is in 3d which makes it a bit like super Mario galaxy, everything is spread out everywhere it has new and old power ups like boomerang tanuki , the bosses are annoying but fun and explore more areas you’ve never been before , there are hidden things (what you would expect in Mario game) and if you would like to see the bosses…

  • boom boom (boy)

one throws a boomerang (the girl) and the other one spins and hammers like crazy (the  boy)

and… bowser (who is the king of the koopas which are evil evil things)  AND the game also has dry bowser who is undead bowser (who is bowser but turns into dry bowser when when he is seriously hurt.

overall this game is very fun and  is for platforming players, the game is on 3ds and 2ds.

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